2024 Dues

The Harmony Grove HOA 2024 Annual Dues of $225 are due by January 1, 2024.  
In order of preference, Homeowners have three options to pay their dues:
1) EFT (No Transaction Fee), Please use this link: EFT Payment
2) Send a Check for $225 payable to Harmony Grove HOA to:
Harmony Grove HOA
2863 W 95th Street, Suite 123-509 [New Suite #]
Naperville, IL 60564
Note: If you are paying via Bill Pay, please make certain that the payment address is correct in your bill pay system before processing the payment.  Otherwise, we will not receive your payment.
3) Credit Card ($7 Transaction Fee), Please use this link: Credit Card Payment
Note: A transaction fee of $7.00 will be added for Credit Card payment processing.
A $50.00 late fee, plus interest at the rate of 12% will apply for all payments received after January 31, 2023.