Architecture Review

To request HOA Architectural Review for new construction, please email with a description of the project (e.g. Drawings, plans, etc.) and a copy of the platte showing where the new construction will be placed.  Refer to the HOA Covenants located in the Covenants tab for the requirements for new construction.
Generally speaking, vendor estimates (e.g. Fencing or Solar Vendors) have sufficient information for the Architectural Committee to review. Please give the Architecture Committee ten days to complete the Architectural review process.  Examples of new construction:  Installing new fence, Installing solar panels, or new addition to home.
Home Improvement Projects that replace an existing structure with something largely the same (e.g. the same general size, dimensions, location, construction materials, appearance, color, etc.) do not require Architectural Review. Examples include: Painting/Repainting, Replacing Home Windows, Fences, or Patios.
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